Privacy Policy

and information about data protection

Who we are

The owner of the website is the company “AGROMED Ludmila Miszenina” which is entered in the CEIDG, address: 02-856 Warszawa, ul. Ludwinowska 21, Warsaw, Poland, NIP number: 5212665534, REGON number: 015231825.

What personal data do we collect and why do we collect it


When visitors to the website leave comments, we collect the data visible in the contact form as well as the IP address and the description of the visitor’s web browser to help with identifying spam.

An anonymized list of characters based on your email address (so called hash) may be sent to Gravatar service, to check if you may be a user. The privacy policy of Gravatar may be found here: After a comment has been successfully posted your profile avatar will be publicly visible next to the comment.


If you are a registered user and you upload images, you should avoid sending images with EXIF location tags. Visitors to the website may attempt to download the location tags from images uploaded to the website.

Contact Form

By filling out a contact form you are leaving us your information such as: name, surname, email address. This data is needed to maintain contact with you. Information sent via the contact form is stored indefinitely (until the moment of rescinding any permission), this data is not however used for any marketing purposes, unless you grant permission for this in the contact form accordingly.


If you leave a comment on our website, you will have an option of choosing your name and email address, thanks to this your next comments upon returning to the website will already be filled out with your details. These cookies expire after one year.

If you visit the login page, we will create a temporary cookie for the purposes of checking whether your browser allows cookies. This cookie does not contain any personal details, and will be deleted when you close the browser.

While looking in we create an additional cookie file for the purposes of recording your personal information collected during the login page. If you select the option of “remember me” the login will expire after two weeks. If you logout of your account, the login cookies will be removed.

If you modify or publish an article, an additional cookie file will be created in your browser. This cookie does not contain any personal information, indicating only the recent edit of an article. This cookie expires after one day.

Embedded content from other websites

Articles on this website may contain embedded content from other websites (such as videos, images, article etc.). Embedded content from other website will act in the same way as if the user visited the content page directly.

Websites may contain information about you, use cookies, create additional cookies, external monitoring systems and track your interactions with embedded materials if you have an account on any relevant website.

Analysis and statistics

The website may use a plugin for the purposes of monitoring the number of visits – e.g. Google Analytics. tutaj.

Who do we share data with

We pass on relevant information to our trusted partners – subjects who process data at the request of the administrator services such as IT providers (servers, online payments, bookkeeping).
Internet providers have access to any data only to the degree of it being crucial to providing their service. Your data may, in some cases, be passed over to third party providers (i.e. outside of the European Union), for example if this may be required in order to provide you with services.
The user publish their data on external servers (such as sharing images with others) only upon obtaining the relevant authorization of the user.

How long do we keep your data

If you leave a comment, its content and metadata will be stored for an unspecified amount of time. This is in order for us to be recognize any of your subsequent visits and pre-populate fields for any future comments.

For users that have registered on our website (should there be such) we store also the personal data shared in the profile. Each user can request to see what information is stored and ask for any data to be removed at any moment (except the username, which cannot be changed). Administrators of the website may also review and edit the information.

What are your rights with regards to your data

If you have a username or if you added a comment on this website you may request for a file containing all your data may be exported, containing all the details you provided. You may request for any data to be removed (including all your personal details stored from the website). This does not extend to information we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security reasons.

Where do we send the data

Comments by guest users may be reviewed using the automated spam detection.

Your contact details

The administrator of the personal details is Ludmila Miszenina under “AGROMED Ludmila Miszenina”, address 02-856 Warsaw, Ludwinowska 21, Poland. In case of any questions relating to the privacy policy please do reach out to us at By contacting this address you may request to review any of your data stored on file, edit, or cancel any services being provided. Alternatively you may also contact us to using the postal office above.

Additional Information

How do we protect your data

We process any data gathered from you according to the European Union GDPR regulations. All employees are obliged to handle the data accordingly per the privacy regulation above. Sending any personal details (such as login information) on our servers should be done with the SSL protocol, which significantly increase the protection of data.

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