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We extensively specialize
in all aspects of Cornelian Cherry

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Our Company was established in 2004 and has been specializing in healthy and natural products to this day.

The unique properties of Cornelian Cherry brought this product to our attention, and convinced us to specialize in all aspects of this unique fruit, in all its forms. We are continuously expanding our knowledge base about the benefits, varieties, and cultivation of this unique fruit.

We are the only company in Poland specializing in Cornelian Cherry products.

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What we offer

Comprehensive solutions


We procure our Cornelian Cherry both from Poland and abroad, importing wholesale quantities. Internationally the fruits are imported from the Black Sea basin (which historically provides highest quality cornelian cherry fruits). We are continuously expanding the variety of our stock.


We manufacture various products from the highest quality cornelian cherry, including juices, concentrates, pastes, dried fruits & seeds. Our team closely monitors the manufacturing process throughout, in order to ensure the highest quality of our products. We work with leading scientists and experts both within Poland, and internationally.


We are continuously increasing our sales. We remain in constant contact with our partners and clients, which allows us to be up to be up to speed with their unique needs and requirements, and to address these accordingly. We currently operate under a wholesale model (predominantly) however we do also offer retail sales.


We ensure timely delivery all year-around, and never compromise on the quality of products to be delivered for our customers. We are here to listen and address our customer’s unique needs (customized delivery terms are possible).

Fairs and Expos

come find us!

You may always find us at national and international fairs, expos, conferences, such as:
  • Anuga (Germany)
  • Riga Food (Latvia)
  • Polagra (Poland)
  • & more
We are present at each KUPS conference (Poland). On occasion (upon request) we are also able to bring in renowned keynote speakers on the topic of Cornelian Cherry and its health benefits (most recently a speech by Dr. Alicia Kucharska, at the KUPS conference in Karpacz, Poland).
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